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Hi and welcome to PhilosophyForToday.com! This website aims to bring together a community of people interested in the practical applications of philosophy to life – in philosophy as a way of life. Too much of modern philosophy can be described as purely academic – an infertile and fruitless exercise of mental gymnastics. In modern “professional” philosophy, a great emphasis is placed on dry academic content, and little emphasis on the form that the content takes. Indeed, if you look at most philosophy blogs currently present online, they are aesthetically ugly websites, badly designed, with improper functionality, almost painful to navigate, and difficult to understand. The dryness of philosophy has sucked out all its life.

Indeed, when philosophy loses its beauty, its vigour, its creative essence, then it is dead. It is no wonder that Stephen Hawking tells us that “philosophy is dead”.  However, I would like to remind him, imitating Nietzsche, that if philosophy is dead, then we have killed it. It is only the fall in man’s self-consciousness that is responsible for the outward circumstances of our world. The outer world is always but a reflection of the spiritual self-consciousness of man. And to change the outer world, we must first change ourselves.

A Revival of Philosophy As a Way of Life

Philosophy as it had traditionally been understood in Ancient Greece (investigated in detail by Pierre Hadot in Philosophy as a Way of Life, pictured to the left), where it first arose in man’s spiritual consciousness, represents much more than a dry academic exercise. It is man’s creative response in the face of his own existence, man’s spiritual seeking after self-understanding and enlightenment. Philosophy is always practical and moral, seeking to address man’s deepest self, his very being and meaning of life.

Indeed, it is only through philosophical creativity that man may hope to address the existential crisis that mankind has now approached. There is a deep divide in man’s self-consciousness in today’s age. Man has for the first time been capable to unleash the power of technology and free himself from his slavery to necessity, but concomitantly there has been no moral, spiritual or religious improvement – no change in man’s awareness, and therefore man has remained just as brutal, cruel and immoral as he had always been – only that he now wields greater power than he has ever wielded before.

Man’s lack of spirit is clearly shown by the fruits he has produced in the external world: in the great suffering that has been created through technology – mass-slaughter and torture of millions of animals, pollution and environmental destruction with more and more species disappearing, more and more destructive wars, but also the greed, hedonism, boredom, atheism loss of meaning and nihilism that we all encounter in our daily lives.

This website seeks to contribute to a spiritual revival and mankind, and the recovery of the meaning that has been lost in the modern world.

What you can find on PhilosophyForToday.com

On this website you will be able to find classical philosophical discussions focused on spiritual, religious and/or moral/practical matters, book reviews, commentaries on current events and philosophical interpretation of what is happening in the world. The focus of the website will be philosophy as a way of life – as a way of living meaningfully in today’s world – a way of living creatively and beautifully.

Core Values at PhilosophyForToday.com

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Integrity

Commitments of PhilosophyForToday.com

  • Religiously, PhilosophyForToday has no commitments to any particular religion, finding truth and value in all religions.
  • Socially, PhilosophyForToday is committed to a limited form of social conservatism, and eschews self-centered liberalism and far-right authoritarianism.
  • Politically, PhilosophyForToday has no commitments whatsoever, and will never hold any political affiliation.
  • Economically, PhilosophyForToday is committed to distributism, and opposed to both capitalism and communism.

About the Author(s)

I have a passion for philosophy, spirituality and Christian mysticism. I have been reading and writing philosophy for more than 10 years, having dedicated myself to its study and understanding. I have read widely through the history of both Eastern and Western philosophy, and I have put together a reading list of my favourite philosophical books which you can find here.

Interested to help?

Currently I am the only author here, but I will consider allowing others to contribute with articles to the website so long as they share the core values and commitments of PhilosophyForToday.com. A high degree of proficiency and experience with philosophy as well as writing, will also be needed. If you fit the profile and would like to contribute to PhilosophyForToday.com, or you have further questions/comments with regards to this, please reach to me by using the contact form below or email me at admin[@]philosophyfortoday.com . I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the website!

Comments or Questions?

Please use this page to contact me, or post a comment below! I will get back to you as soon as possible! Otherwise you can go back to the home page and read some of the posts! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to be always up to date with the newest posts!

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