Creativity and Consciousness

Creativity and the Mystery of Being

The problem of creativity is one that is rarely addressed in philosophy, and yet it is one of the distinguishing factors between man, the other animals and any form of artificial intelligence (AI). At first glance, it has to do with something subjective, something that comes from within man’s own consciousness. It is easy to remark that in the absence of this subjectivity one simply cannot be creative. Animals and robots are capable of solving problems, if by solving problems we understand using one’s environment (or body) to fulfil a goal. But this is not creativity, but rather ingenuity. Creativity most fully reveals itself in art – and it is in art that man outshines all other creatures, as G.K. Chesterton remarked in The Everlasting Man. No animal species comes close to the artistic achievements of man – indeed in this case, a difference in kind, and not a difference in degree[…]

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